Are you ready for a quest?

Dive in into a world of rustic and colorful 2D pixel art. Fight your way through different monsters and ghouls and collect valuable items.

Use your skills to jump over dangerous obstacles and places.

Encounter merchants and friends to interact with. Use your collected coins to buy powerful items.

How to play

Baron of Blood can be played with the keyboard or a controller.

Your main stats are health (HP) and power:
When an enemy hurts you, you lose some health. Powerups in the game restore your health, make sure you collect these powerups.
Each hit consumes power so you have to execute your hits carefully.

You start in the zone Undead Plains. After completing a level, you can move your player on the map to the next level.

In the game you will encounter merchants who sell items. With your collected coins you can buy items and then use them.

In your inventory you will find all items that you can use during the game.

Do you want a challenge? You can get two awards per level. Once you have collected all awards in a zone you will be rewarded with an achievement.

In the overworld map the awards are displayed for the completed stage.



The game tells the story of a baron who was once powerful but was unjustly banished from the kingdom. He was betrayed by a dark magician who sought the great, magical ore Idirium.

The magician cast a spell on the king, making him accuse the baron of high treason. The baron tried to reason with the king, but the dark magician's spell was too strong.

The baron was banished to the Undead Plains, where he was to live out his final days. But the baron wasn't ready to die. Taking up his axe, he swore to set off on a quest to clear his name and gain revenge



Hi, my name is Cédric and I’m the developer of the game Baron of Blood. I started the project in 1999 when I was a teenager learning to program with QBasic and Assembler. The first level was created including three enemies and the main character. However, the project was never finished.

At the end of 2021 I decided to reprogram the game with C++/OpenGL and finish it with the help of my two kids as testers. In homage to the first MS-DOS version of the game, the main character and the first 3 enemies remained unchanged.


The game was realized with the help of talented freelancers:
Luzia Hüttenmoser - 2D Pixel Artist
Eduardo Morillo - Music Composer
Luca Moos - Illustrator


Support and Contact

If you have questions or technical problems with the game, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We appreciate any form of feedback.


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